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American Legion Riders Motorcycle Association (ALR)





To participate in community services and other ceremonies that is in keeping with the   Aims and Purposes of the American Legion. To promote motorcycle safety programs and to provide a social atmosphere for American Legion members who share the same interest. To use our Association to promote and support programs of the American Legion, the American Legion Auxiliary, the Sons of the American Legion, community services and Veteran’s Organizations

By Laws

A. Membership: These are the requirements for membership.

1.      Must be a current paid member of the American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary or Sons of the American Legion.

2.      You must own a motorcycle with an engine of at least 350cc in size. (According to the Laws of the State of Texas Dept. of Transportation)

3.      A spouse may be granted ALR membership provided they are legally married to a current paid American Legion Rider Association Member.


B. Honorary Membership:  Chapters, at their discretion, may elect by majority vote at a 

Regular membership meeting to authorize an honorary membership to an individual or individuals under the following guidelines:

1.      The individual(s) must meet all requirements of section A.1.

                                        (American Legion Membership).

2.     These memberships are to be of an honorary nature and do not

Constitute actual membership. Honorary memberships should only

be granted to those persons who have demonstrated themselves to

be assets to the American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary, and Sons of the American Legion Organization and excelled in promoting the aims and purposes of the “American Legion Riders”.

3.      If American Legion Rider back patches are granted to these

Honorary members, they must contain a bar with the back patch, which states the words “HONORARY” so as to clearly identify the class of membership. Shirts or other wearing apparel, which contain the “American Legion Riders” emblem, should contain the words “HONORARY” or “I SUPPORT”.


C.  Special Class Membership/ Honorary Membership 

         A.  You, or your spouse, may continue your membership as a special class member  

  (with full membership privileges) if you fail to meet the membership  requirements of

     section I   (B) pursuant to the following and subject to the approval of the general



1.      Death of the spouse who was the owner of the motorcycle as defined in section I (B).

2.      Disability, which prevents you from Physically being able to operate a motorcycle, and ownership of the motorcycle, was relinquished, due to this disability.  (This would also allow the spouse to continue membership under these conditions for special class membership.)

3.      For (1) & (2) above, you must have been a regular member for at least one full year.

4.      If you have been a member for ten consecutive years and have reached the age of 50 you are entitled to the distinction of a "Special Class Life Member".  Membership may continue without regards to section I (B) for the rest of your life and payment of Local Chapter Dues will be waived.

You must continue with the requirements of section I(A).


D. Non-Member Apparel: All apparel sold to non-members must contain the word “I support” The American Legion Riders.


E. Officers of the American Legion Riders Texas State Chapter are as follows:

1.     Director

2.     Assistant Director

3.     Secretary

4.     Treasurer

5.     Run Coordinator

6.     Historian

7.     Membership

8.     SGT At Arms

9.     Chaplain

10. Communications Officer

11. Judge Advocate


F. Officers of the Post Level American Legion Riders: (Minimum requirements)   

1.     Director

2.     Assistant Director

3.     Secretary

4.     Treasurer

5.     Run Coordinator

6.     Historian

7.     Membership

8.     SGT at Arms

G: Post may add officers as deemed necessary.


H. Post officers may hold more than 1 position but not to exceed 2 offices.


I. Elections: Elections of the State Chapter officers and Post level officers will be held annually at such a time as determined by the general membership of the State Chapter and/or Post.


J. Duties Of State and Post Officers:

1.      Director: Will serve as Chief Administrative Officer of the Association and will preside over all meetings. The Director shall have general supervision over the affairs of the association and shall perform such other duties as directed by the general membership.

2.      Assistant Director: Will assume the duties of the Director should the Director not be available. Will assist the Director in the performance of all duties as called on to do so by the Director.

3.      Secretary: To keep a full and correct record of all proceedings of meetings.

4.      Treasurer: To have charge of all finances of the Association. To have charge of distributing funds as directed by the general membership. To give detailed financial reports at each meeting.

5.      Run Coordinator: Will be the logistics person in charge of organized runs of the Association. The RC will determine dates, times, routes, and meeting places for those taking part in a run activity. The RC, at any time, may appoint assistant road captains or take any other measures necessary to help insure the safety of the group during a run.

6.      Historian: To keep all historical records of the chapter/post.

7.      Membership: Keep membership records as may be required by the general membership. Give detailed reports at each regular meeting.

8.      SGT At Arms: Will help set up meetings and maintain order during meetings. Also assist Director in most activities.

9.      Chaplain: To give spiritual guidance and counseling to membership, and open and close all meetings when available.

10. Communications Officer: Cause to publish a minimum of a quarterly newsletter (medium may vary, hard copy, Internet, email, etc.) to all state chapter members.

11. Judge Advocate: To offer legal advice in any situation requiring a lawyer


K: Meetings:  Meetings will be held at a date, time, and place as voted on by the

members. Seven members will constitute a quorum, consisting of at least 3 officers.


L: Finances: Finances of each Association Post Chapter will be from Association membership dues or such other sources as approved by the membership. Finances for the State Chapter will be from dues or such other sources as approved by the State Officers.


M: Expulsion: Any member may be expelled or suspended from the Association by a majority vote of the general membership at a regular Post Chapter meeting. The patch MUST be returned to the Association. The State Officers will handle all appeals.


N: Charter Membership: Each Post Chapter may determine eligibility for Post Charter Membership in its own Post.

1.Texas Chapter Charter Membership cut off date is 1-31-99.


O: Governing Rules: Each State Chapter may elect to adopt a set of standing rules to govern its membership. These standing rules shall be no less stringent than those contained in these by-laws nor can they be in any conflict with the National constitution and by-laws of the American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary, and Sons of the American Legion.


P: Disbursement of Funds: Disbursement of funds will be only those authorized at any

regular meeting of the State and/or Post Chapter. Each Chapter and/or Post will be a non-profit organization and may only disburse funds in a manner that is in keeping with all local, state, and national laws regarding non-profit organizations, by majority vote.


Q: Order: All meetings will be conducted under “Roberts Rules Of Order”


R: State Annual Membership Dues: State Level dues will be $7.50 as of January 1, 2001.


S: These by-laws were voted on and adopted on April 27, 2003 at a State Officers